About Us

More than just another Smoke Shop

Our Approach
    We feel it is important to state that our shop is a true family run operation. All decisions made
about our products are made from our family table. We debate what our shop should be, what it
should sell, and more importantly, what is shouldn’t. That being said, any item on display within
The Green Hit is available only after we have deliberated and come to a majority consensus.
    Our Family means to serve in the community in which we live; through our products and our
interactions with our customers. All products are sold after any and all questions are asked and
answered to satisfaction. Personal recommendations can be made to you based on an
individual discussions held in store and urge anyone with any inquiries to bring them forth. We
would be more than happy to discuss them and recommend a product that is right for you!
Our Story
    Originally, the family began it’s retail venture in 2003 with another local shop dedicated to our
love of music. MGA eventually evolved from there to include artistic graphic designed branded
clothing to even include a small, fully licensed tattoo shop.
    The idea of this shop came to fruition once we came to truly understand the true benefits of
herbal wellness. Research and studies provided by highly reputable institutions became easily
attainable and frequently published, enough for our family to begin learning. In 2018, the
decision had been made, and THE GREEN HIT Smoke Shop was created. Through this shop,
we make it possible for our customers and community to come in seeking natural alternatives to
live a better life. Through CBD, Detoxes and even the Smoking Accessories, we hope that you
find a way to make your lives more enjoyable.